API Documentation

The Simplecash API is organized around REST. It returns JSON-encoded responses, and requires an API key to be used.

Getting started

The base URL for calling the Simplecash API is:


You can start using the API immediately after creating an account and a store on the dashboard.


The Simplecash API uses API keys to authenticate requests. You can view and manage your store API keys on the Simplecash Dashboard.

A store API key carries many privileges and allows everyone possessing it to perform operations on your store, such as sending invoices or charging users, so be sure to keep it secure! Do not share your store API keys in publicly accessible areas such as GitHub, client-side code, etc.

In order to delete, generate or modify API keys for your store, you simply have to login to your account, select a store and click on manage.

A Simplecash API key looks like this: cc8d300559e7421d9d646c0bfb2f798a


API requests without authentication will fail.


Never publicly share your store API keys.


The API uses conventional HTTP response codes to indicate the success or failure of an API request. In general, codes in the 2xx range indicate success. Codes in the 4xx range indicate an error that failed given the information provided (e.g., a required parameter was omitted, a charge failed, etc.).

Our API can return errors for many reasons, such as a failed charge, invalid parameters, authentication errors, and network unavailability. We recommend writing code that handles all possible API errors. We will soon release Python, Javascript and PHP libraries to raise exceptions in case there’s an error.

Don't worry

If the Simplecash API returns an error in an operation where user funds are involved, it will automatically refund them by returning the coins to the sender and no funds will be lost.


We currently don’t have a testnet API since we believe transaction fees on Bitcoin Cash are low enough to allow anyone to do tests on mainnet. We advise you to create a specific store for testing to avoid breaking your analytics and reports.


Simplecash is currently in closed beta and only invited users can participate and test the API. We offer free support (via Telegram, Discord or Skype) to help you integrate the API to your app/website. You can reach us at any time and we’ll do our best to help you.